From October 15th, 2015 certain amendments have been introduced in the process to be followed and the requirements for the acquisition of the Spanish nationality by residence.

Unlike the consecutive of steps that has been done so far, with the changes implemented, applicants must first pass the tests of Spanish language and cultural knowledge, and later collect the necessary documents for the residence and final presentation.

In addition, the submission of the application is no longer free, being the current fee of 100 €.

Regarding the first step to take; a test of basic knowledge of the Spanish language must be passed, equivalent to an A2 language user level, with a value of € 120, and also a test of constitutional and cultural knowledge, costing 85 €. Both exams will be held at the Cervantes institute. Minors and people with judicially amended disabilities shall be exempt from both tests; and from language tests; individuals of Hispanic nationality or in possession of the DELE title.

After obtaining the certificates attesting successful completion of the tests, the person interested must collect the required documents for filing. These documents will be presented telematically, streamlining the process of the procedure notably, since the cut down of the time designated to shipments and digitization of records by the competent authorities so far. Still, applications may be submitted in person at civil registries until June 2017.

If you are interested in applying for Spanish nationality, contact a specialized lawyer from DAEMI ZABALZA & ASSOCIATES, who will study your case and will advise you on the requirement and documentation needed in your particular case.