Europe outlaw Inheritance Tax for non-residents in Spain

The European Commission has been asking the Government of Spain since 2011 to make amends whiting legislation in a rather friendly way, but facing no response from our government the European Comission decided to take more effective action and sue the Spanish Government in the Court of Justice who ended this incongruity in our legislation last September 3rd, 2014 and I say incongruity because, as we all know, the European space exists, among other objectives, to create an area of ​​free capital movement (art. 40 of the Agreement European Economic Area - EEA) law that Spain was missing.

Types of Contract

To facilitate the whole process of recruitment, the ministry also launched an accessible through the website of SEPS (www.sepe.es) which allows you to select the characteristics of the employer, choose the profile of worker you are willing to hire, indicate the type of day you need, select the model contract within four now existing typologies and choose the specific clauses that correspond to the incentives that can benefit the employer based on previous selections.

Leased Property sale – Now what?

We may be tenants of a flat or a house where the owner suddenly decides to sell the dwelling. Or on the other hand, we may be the owner who wants to sell it. Being so, which are the rights and obligations of both parts?, did we reflect in the contract that this could happen and which guidelines should we follow in that case?