Distribution Contracts: Termination and compensation for Customers

Such contracts have been and remain being one of the most contentious in the right recruitment materia. Hence the countless attempts by the legislature to establish a specific regulation for them, though with no result in success. This is the reason why nowadays we still find such controversy regarding the termination and compensation clientele distribution contracts and analogous application of Law 12/1992, from the Agency Agreement (LCA, hereinafter).

Family Reunification in Spain

Family reunification is a procedure that can be performed by foreigners whom are resident in Spain, in order to meet in Spanish territory with their immediate families who are residing in a country outside of the EU. To this matters, both the residing sponsor as the regrouped from abroad, must comply with certain requirements that will be detailed below.

Eviction for Non Payment of Supplies

As landlords of a property, as indicated by the Urban Leases Act, the tenant is who will have to take over the payment of the rented supplies, unless the contract states otherwise.

The New Law of Patents

From the 1st of April, 2017 a new patent law will come into force, being one of the most significant changes in the last 40 years in this field. With the amendments introduced, it is intended to create a unitary effect, giving a uniform legal system security with the same effects in all Member States wing while reducing costs and encouraging R & D + I.

The Payment Procedure

The payment procedure is a legal procedure which stands as its ultimate goal the payment of financial debts to creditors, regardless the amount to be claimed. It also applies in cases where a certain amount is to be claimed to property owners who may have issues relating unpaid fees or common owners’ expenses.

Retention of 3% of the value of the sale of a property of a Non Resident

Recently the obligation of withholding a 3% of the value of the sale of a property has been introduced, in the event the owner of the selling property is a nonresident.