Registration of Tourism Properties

From May 11th, 2016, those properties that are located in residential land and are to be rented for short periods (days, weeks or months) and […]

Internationalisation of a Company and the different forms to Adopt

More and more companies raised their internationalization as an economic measure to deal with the crisis in the Spanish market as well as the increasing […]

Use of a Common house by turns in the event of Failure to Share

On December 9, 2015, a Supreme Court statement came to set doctrine on the use of community members from a common housing. Due to the […]

Termination of Condominium in the Process of Separation and Divorce

It is not uncommon to encounter the situation in which two people in front of a condominium decide to end it, carrying out an immediate […]

Permanent Disability

It is defined as; permanent status of a worker after being subjected to a prescribed treatment and a further failure, presenting serious anatomical or functional […]