Certificate of Debt and the Community of Owners

When you start the process of buying a property, one of the steps to consider is to ask the seller for a Certificate of Debt, […]

As a foreigner, when should you start to pay taxes?

Regardless of whether a person is of Spanish nationality or foreign, in the tax law, what is taken into account is the tax residence of […]

Vehicle Information Report

If you are considering buying a car/motorcycle from a private individual, it is important that when organising the usual sales process, ask for a report […]

Approved the extension of “Plan Prepara”

The Plan Prepara, consisting of vocational retraining for people who are unemployed but who have spent their contributory unemployment benefit or any of the subsidies; […]

As an owner, do you know which should be the contents in a record?

As an owner of a dwelling or local, you must know the rights and obligations as the same. In this case, we will list the […]

Floor Clause: removal and recovery of unduly paid fees

The “Floor Clause” is increasingly the goal in reducing mortgages that years ago were signed. Although it is true that its elimination is not very […]

Economic regimes for plurinational couples

The reinforced cooperation agreement between seventeen Member States was adopted on the 2nd of March. The purpose of this agreement is the clarification of the […]