The Plan Prepara, consisting of vocational retraining for people who are unemployed but who have spent their contributory unemployment benefit or any of the subsidies; will be extended for six additional months, accounting for eleven months in total, until February 2017th.

The program aims to improve the employability of the long-term unemployed, or those who are unemployed and have family responsibilities. The Public Employment Service (SEPE) has developed personalized itineraries of labor insertion, depending on the individual characteristics of each beneficiary, for a period of six months. The beneficiaries are also entitled to participate in measures of active employment policies, in order to be incorporated into new jobs, with particular emphasis on those aimed at obtaining professional skills required for stable employability.

In addition, the plan includes financial support for beneficiaries, for a maximum of six months, of a monthly amount of 400 €, which will be upgraded to 450 € if the person concerned has established family responsibilities.

Since the establishment of the Plan, in December 2011, a total of 646,790 people have benefited from the program, topping the list the autonomous regions of Andalusia, Catalonia and Valencia.

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