In DAEMI ZABALZA & ASSOCIATES, we offer a team of labour consultants who cover business and individual needs in this area. The transcendental concept is that the client always feels protected in terms of the regulatory structure and application of collective agreements, in addition to support and advice when making important decisions; from the knowledgeable understanding and closeness that we offer, keeping you also up to date of all legislative developments and changes that may be of interest.

Below you can find some of the services provided in this area:

  • Confection of payslips for employees
  • Preparation of employees payrolls
  • Updated pay according to the collective agreement of the activity
  • Preparation and settlement of the social insurances of the company
  • Preparation and presentation of high and low social security employees
  • Preparation and presentation of employment contracts and extensions
  • Preparation and presentation of self-employed social security (autónomo)
  • Preparation and submission of retirement, widowhood and disability records
  • Labour negotiations with the social security resources , application and collection of all kinds of reports
  • Processing of high and low certificates for employees with regards to illness and accidents
  • Preparation of salaries and withholding certificates
  • Representation before the Labour Inspectorate
  • Application for pension and retirement
  • Other services required by the client