The ground clauses in mortgage affects nearly 35% of the mortgaged, and has become a real problem; because that establishes what the minimum interest rate to be paid in monthly instalments of the loan to the prejudice to the mortgaged property may not benefit from the lowering of interest (Euribor) and the consequent reduction in the loan instalments.

What can we do for you?

First study the contract and identify the existence or not of ground clauses and / or ceiling, and on that case, the amounts paid to your bank improperly.

Later, trying to reach a deal with the bank for it to delete the clause in the mortgage contract and return amounts previously more paid. It is important to see if there was a binding offer by the lender and if the mortgaged signed, and in any case if it was informed by the institution of that clause.

In case of failure to reach an agreement, we fill a request to vacate ground clauses by the courts and given the recent Supreme Court decisions and our extensive experience in the field (98% success in cases) it has ruled in favour of the mortgaged not only forcing financial institutions to eliminate clauses and soil but also with retroactively character to repay the amounts paid as a result of ground clause.

Our conditions?

Our firm offers the possibility of bringing the case forward till the end; without having to pay a single Euro of fees or expenses. Once we get rid of ground clauses and get the amounts unduly paid, then charge our fees.

That easy and transparent?

We have enough capacity to carry out the procedure and also win, in fact, our office bears all expenses – fax bureau, attorney fees, attorney and peritoneal just that, to show the client that we believe in our good work and success .

How can I contract the service?

Make an Appointment in our office and a specialist lawyer in banking law will attend you; explaining in detail and concisely how to begin the process.