Health care through the National Health System (NHS) is guaranteed from public funds for their insured workers which define themselves as self-employed or affiliated to the Social Security system, being a Social Security pensioner, perceiving benefits of Social Security as unemployment or similar. And finally people with annual incomes below 100 thousand euros and unhedged by other means.

The following are considered beneficiaries of the insured:

  • The spouse or the person living with the insured in a relationship similar to marriage affection, forming a domestic partnership.
  • The ex-spouse or ex-partner judicially separated both by the insured person as they are entitled to alimony by the latter.
  • The descendant or descendants, or persons assimilated to the insured or his or her spouse, even if it is legally separated from his former spouse in charge or his domestic partner, in both cases responsible by the insured and under 26 years or, In case it is over that age to have a disability recognized by an equal or greater than 65% grade.
  • The sisters and brothers.

All these people are always considered insured as long as they meet the following conditions:

  1. Do not hold the status of insured persons on the basis of Article 2.1.a of Royal Decree 1192/2012, of 3 August.
  2. Have authorized and actual residence in Spain, except those who temporarily move to Spain and are transferred by their company which has the responsibility for outside Spanish territory workers, as they are in a situation assimilated to affiliation, trading in the Spanish corresponding Social Security regime.

When a person can be a beneficiary of two or more insured persons, the condition can only be recognized from one.

In the section of inclusion of beneficiaries of Social Security beneficiary it is generally considered beneficiary and meeting all the requirements, the person living with the insured person in similar to relationship and be officially registered are entitled to healthcare. The inclusion as a beneficiary of this person, does not affect entitlement to health care of possible ex-spouse.

For a beneficiary to get the health care delivered an application must be completed and unless the beneficiary is receiving unemployment benefits or other similar benefits in Social Security or they have been spent.

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