New Anti-obesity Law in Andalucia

A new law anti-obesity that aims to help against the increasing issue within a healthy weight and body shape of the Andalusian population has been […]

Express divorce, faster and cheaper

The express divorce law has been approved in Spain in 2005 and could be applied right from that moment. The main advantage of this law […]

The possibility of getting married at a notary

In case you were considering the option of marrying before a Public Notary, or if you would like to find out about the possible options available for you to get married in Spain, please contact Daemi Zabalza & Associates to arrange your first free appointment and receive personalized advice from our marriage lawyers.

Certificate of Debt and the Community of Owners

When you start the process of buying a property, one of the steps to consider is to ask the seller for a Certificate of Debt, […]

As an owner, do you know which should be the contents in a record?

As an owner of a dwelling or local, you must know the rights and obligations as the same. In this case, we will list the […]

Floor Clause: removal and recovery of unduly paid fees

The “Floor Clause” is increasingly the goal in reducing mortgages that years ago were signed. Although it is true that its elimination is not very […]

Economic regimes for plurinational couples

The reinforced cooperation agreement between seventeen Member States was adopted on the 2nd of March. The purpose of this agreement is the clarification of the […]

Termination of Condominium in the Process of Separation and Divorce

It is not uncommon to encounter the situation in which two people in front of a condominium decide to end it, carrying out an immediate […]

The Payment Procedure

The payment procedure is a legal procedure which stands as its ultimate goal the payment of financial debts to creditors, regardless the amount to be claimed. It also applies in cases where a certain amount is to be claimed to property owners who may have issues relating unpaid fees or common owners’ expenses.

Types of Contract

To facilitate the whole process of recruitment, the ministry also launched an accessible through the website of SEPS (www.sepe.es) which allows you to select the characteristics of the employer, choose the profile of worker you are willing to hire, indicate the type of day you need, select the model contract within four now existing typologies and choose the specific clauses that correspond to the incentives that can benefit the employer based on previous selections.