Family Reunification in Spain

Family reunification is a procedure that can be performed by foreigners whom are resident in Spain, in order to meet in Spanish territory with their immediate families who are residing in a country outside of the EU. To this matters, both the residing sponsor as the regrouped from abroad, must comply with certain requirements that will be detailed below.

Retention of 3% of the value of the sale of a property of a Non Resident

Recently the obligation of withholding a 3% of the value of the sale of a property has been introduced, in the event the owner of the selling property is a nonresident.

Changes in the requirements for the acquisition of the Spanish nationality by residence

From October 15th, 2015 certain amendments have been introduced in the process to be followed and the requirements for the acquisition of the Spanish nationality by residence.

Dual Nationality

To possess dual citizenship is the condition of being a citizen of two countries. We also know that international laws do not prohibit any person dual or multiple citizenship, but some countries see multiple citizenship as undesirable, so they take legal measures to prevent it, especially through an automatic loss of nationality when they acquire another voluntarily.

Types of Residency

There are several types of Spanish residence, keeping in mind the purpose in each case senario and the characteristics that need to be guaranteed in order to proceed

Updates for Acquiring residency through Family Roots in Spain

Si le gustaría solicitar la residencia por arraigo familiar pero aún tiene dudas acerca de las posibles novedades respecto a esta nueva sentencia, nuestro equipo de abogados profesionales de Daemi Zabalza & Asociados le ayudará y asesorará debidamente.

Applying for Nationality and Passport

Currently due to the great geographic mobility many cases of uncertainty have arisen as to the rights of people when applying for a nationality and the corresponding passport.

Schengen Visa

First, it is important to note that if a person is a European national (not resident but a national), he can travel within the Schengen area and the countries belonging to the EU presenting their Identity Document (DNI) or Passport.

EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card is a special form of authorization of residence and work that facilitates the holder access to the EU labour market. More specifically, the EU Blue Card project was designed to make Europe a more attractive destination for highly qualified people from outside the European Union.