New Anti-obesity Law in Andalucia

A new law anti-obesity that aims to help against the increasing issue within a healthy weight and body shape of the Andalusian population has been […]

Express divorce, faster and cheaper

The express divorce law has been approved in Spain in 2005 and could be applied right from that moment. The main advantage of this law […]

The possibility of getting married at a notary

In case you were considering the option of marrying before a Public Notary, or if you would like to find out about the possible options available for you to get married in Spain, please contact Daemi Zabalza & Associates to arrange your first free appointment and receive personalized advice from our marriage lawyers.

Signing a divorce of mutual agreement in the notary

After a couple of months, thanks to the reform of Article 82 of the Civil Code, spouses may divorce, as long as it is mutually […]

Economic regimes for plurinational couples

The reinforced cooperation agreement between seventeen Member States was adopted on the 2nd of March. The purpose of this agreement is the clarification of the […]

Termination of Condominium in the Process of Separation and Divorce

It is not uncommon to encounter the situation in which two people in front of a condominium decide to end it, carrying out an immediate […]

The Suspension of Child Maintenance Payment

The suspension of the obligation of maintenance payments from the parent liable to pay is possible, although it is a very limited occurrence and happens […]

Partner Registration

The legal system in Spain, understands a stable union of two people without distinction of sex, as “partnership”. This union can be also called nowadays as cohabiting as “more uxorio”.

Divorce by Mutual Agreement

When a married couple decides to end the marriage bond that unites them, they must follow a judicial procedure called "Marriage dissolution" which can be initiated by mutual agreement between the spouses or of one with the other's consent, provided between the two is reached an understanding on basic requirements.

Liquidation of marital assets

The settlement consists in the distribution of marital assets, thus passing the property ownership to former spouses individually, creating what is commonly referred as an "award of goods".