Taxes on the lease of commercial premises

On the occasion of the latest changes in terms of taxation, we will list which are taxes on the lease of commercial premises; making a […]

As a foreigner, when should you start to pay taxes?

Regardless of whether a person is of Spanish nationality or foreign, in the tax law, what is taken into account is the tax residence of […]

Internationalisation of a Company and the different forms to Adopt

More and more companies raised their internationalization as an economic measure to deal with the crisis in the Spanish market as well as the increasing […]

Retention of 3% of the value of the sale of a property of a Non Resident

Recently the obligation of withholding a 3% of the value of the sale of a property has been introduced, in the event the owner of the selling property is a nonresident.

Who are Non-Resident Income taxes for?

Non-resident Income Taxes are to be payed by non-resident physical individuals and entities in Spanish territory, as long as these do not apply to PIT or passive Society tax payment. Hence, the only income to be taxed is the one withheld in Spain, being the rest of incomes taxed in the non-resident’s country of origin.

Europe outlaw Inheritance Tax for non-residents in Spain

The European Commission has been asking the Government of Spain since 2011 to make amends whiting legislation in a rather friendly way, but facing no response from our government the European Comission decided to take more effective action and sue the Spanish Government in the Court of Justice who ended this incongruity in our legislation last September 3rd, 2014 and I say incongruity because, as we all know, the European space exists, among other objectives, to create an area of ​​free capital movement (art. 40 of the Agreement European Economic Area - EEA) law that Spain was missing.

La venta de Participaciones de una Sociedad

Si tiene intención de comprar o vender participaciones de una sociedad, debe de conocer los requisitos, procedimiento y limitaciones existentes, además de la tributación aplicable según el caso. Dichos elementos vienen reflejados en la misma ley de sociedades de capital, que rige la base y estructura del negocio jurídico en cuestión.

International VAT number

VAT is a tax on consumption (whether by purchase of goods or services), and it is the AEAT – Tax Agency, who benefits from the income of this tax. For business or entrepreneurs who by the nature of their business should invest in EU countries apart from investing in Spain, commonly known as, “intercommunity transactions”, they may request that invoices that are issued in other countries are exempt from VAT, i.e. not charging that tax on the invoice. However, in order to be able to exercise this transaction, both client and provider, must have registered as intercommunity traders.

Direct Estimation or Modules Regimes

It is a simplified tax regime that is applicable to small entrepreneurs and / or professionals, in an attempt to simplify the management of their activity.


A franchise is not only the salvation to your business model, but a franchise carries many other requirements and procedures, which not everyone is aware of them.