Recordings of video surveillance cameras in labour law matters are accepted

The Supreme Court has estimated an appeal that a company had filed against the sentence of the Social Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice […]

Approved the extension of “Plan Prepara”

The Plan Prepara, consisting of vocational retraining for people who are unemployed but who have spent their contributory unemployment benefit or any of the subsidies; […]

Permanent Disability

It is defined as; permanent status of a worker after being subjected to a prescribed treatment and a further failure, presenting serious anatomical or functional […]

Dismissal for Employee sick leave

Contrary to popular belief, the possibility to dismiss an employee during sick leave is possible, as there is no special labor protection in this regard. […]

Reduction of Employee Working hours

Being true that the employer has the possibility to modify unilaterally set times during the working day, he should always have a fair cause to do so and the rights of workers vary depending on the entity of these changes.

Flat Rate at Social Security

Something that previously we just saw on telephones, now comes to Social Security. The flat rate. For those who are not really aware of what this consists of, please keep on reading to find out more about it.

Beneficiaries of Social Security

Health care through the National Health System (NHS) is guaranteed from public funds for their insured workers which define themselves as self-employed or affiliated to the Social Security system, being a Social Security pensioner, perceiving benefits of Social Security as unemployment or similar. And finally people with annual incomes below 100 thousand euros and unhedged by other means.