Ground clause and RIML

It is increasingly common to hear the terms “ground clause” and “IRPH” in our daily life, being a topical issue of growing importance as it […]

The Impact of BREXIT on Spanish Real Estate

With the recent announcement of the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, many misconceptions have been generated as to what regards the […]

Internationalisation of a Company and the different forms to Adopt

More and more companies raised their internationalization as an economic measure to deal with the crisis in the Spanish market as well as the increasing […]

Use of a Common house by turns in the event of Failure to Share

On December 9, 2015, a Supreme Court statement came to set doctrine on the use of community members from a common housing. Due to the […]

Termination of Condominium in the Process of Separation and Divorce

It is not uncommon to encounter the situation in which two people in front of a condominium decide to end it, carrying out an immediate […]

Dismissal for Employee sick leave

Contrary to popular belief, the possibility to dismiss an employee during sick leave is possible, as there is no special labor protection in this regard. […]

The Suspension of Child Maintenance Payment

The suspension of the obligation of maintenance payments from the parent liable to pay is possible, although it is a very limited occurrence and happens […]

Marbellas PGOU revision declared Void

The revision of land-use planning (PGOU) of Marbella 2010, passed on the orders of Ministry of Housing of the Junta de Andalucía of 25th February and 7th May the same year, has been declared void with three judgments of the Supreme Court.

Distribution Contracts: Termination and compensation for Customers

Such contracts have been and remain being one of the most contentious in the right recruitment materia. Hence the countless attempts by the legislature to establish a specific regulation for them, though with no result in success. This is the reason why nowadays we still find such controversy regarding the termination and compensation clientele distribution contracts and analogous application of Law 12/1992, from the Agency Agreement (LCA, hereinafter).

Family Reunification in Spain

Family reunification is a procedure that can be performed by foreigners whom are resident in Spain, in order to meet in Spanish territory with their immediate families who are residing in a country outside of the EU. To this matters, both the residing sponsor as the regrouped from abroad, must comply with certain requirements that will be detailed below.