New Anti-obesity Law in Andalucia

A new law anti-obesity that aims to help against the increasing issue within a healthy weight and body shape of the Andalusian population has been […]

Express divorce, faster and cheaper

The express divorce law has been approved in Spain in 2005 and could be applied right from that moment. The main advantage of this law […]

The possibility of getting married at a notary

In case you were considering the option of marrying before a Public Notary, or if you would like to find out about the possible options available for you to get married in Spain, please contact Daemi Zabalza & Associates to arrange your first free appointment and receive personalized advice from our marriage lawyers.

Ground clause and RIML

It is increasingly common to hear the terms “ground clause” and “IRPH” in our daily life, being a topical issue of growing importance as it […]

Vehicle Information Report

If you are considering buying a car/motorcycle from a private individual, it is important that when organising the usual sales process, ask for a report […]

Eviction for Non Payment of Supplies

As landlords of a property, as indicated by the Urban Leases Act, the tenant is who will have to take over the payment of the rented supplies, unless the contract states otherwise.

The New Law of Patents

From the 1st of April, 2017 a new patent law will come into force, being one of the most significant changes in the last 40 years in this field. With the amendments introduced, it is intended to create a unitary effect, giving a uniform legal system security with the same effects in all Member States wing while reducing costs and encouraging R & D + I.

IBI in Marbella Subsidy

The IBI is a tax on property whether they are from rustic or urban nature. It is a compulsory tax, levied by municipalities in Spain. It is determined by the assessed value of the property and as a rule it may not exceed the market value.