The choice of legal form for the launch of a new company should be subject to careful consideration, in order to choose the one that best suits the characteristics of the project to develop.

We set up your company; drawing up the private bylaws that will govern and manage the company, to the liquidation and payment of the corresponding taxes, thus complying with all legal requirements and their implementation in a few days.

The dissolution agreement starts the process by which society is extinguished, opening the liquidation period, during which the company retains its legal personality. The settlement has the effect of loss of legal personality of the company. With the opening of the settlement period it will take to manage the company’s liquidators. These are responsible for the measures necessary to liquidate the company assets and distribute the relevant partners share operations. The company completely extinguished when the same seats were cancelled in the Commercial Register.

It is the process by which a company alters its shape and legal structure, adopting the corresponding to a different type recognized by law, produced without a change in its legal status, which remains under the new form.

Each company based on its modus operandi requires the preparation and study of commercial contracts tailored to their business and operations. Let us advise you to meet your objectives and requirements.

Any change or alteration of the bylaws of a company whether it be for necessity or for convenience.