The Electronic Certificates of legal entities are those used to link the subscribers’ to a digital signing system, as to a series of verification data in order to be able to make a certain series of administrative activities online. This legal person can rather be an individual, or a group constituted with its own unit of purpose, being such able to act independently from the component members.

Firstly, in order to start using your Electronic Certificate, it will be necessary to sign a contract in the “Empresa y Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre”. Once the contract is valid, the legal entity will be able to operate electronically backed up by a legal framework.

The functions of the electronic certificate will be described below. First, simplifying and automating documentary management. In this sense, not only it will save time by not having to go personally to deliver paper documentation, but it also will give the opportunity to do all paperwork at the most appropriate time for the person concerned, without having to restrain to the opening hours of the offices of the Tax Agency. In addition, the use of paper will be removed gradually to extinction.

When completing the relevant formalities electronically, they are also reducing errors involving manual procedures, while productivity and competitiveness of the company is increased.

It will depend on the needs of the company to hire a set of certification services, or instead to contract independently any of the related services.

The Electronic Certificate of Legal Person may be contracted in two different ways, either as a downloadable file on your computer (known as software license), or as an installable file on a cryptographic card.

Obtaining this Certificate will also offer many advantages to the user, as the immediate integration for use; the reduction of risks in its implementation; quality assurance by the FNMT and full legal guarantees.

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