The express divorce law has been approved in Spain in 2005 and could be applied right from that moment. The main advantage of this law is the fact that the process can be proceeded almost flawlessly and in a very short period. Aside from being a very fast process, it is also more beneficial for couples, who have decided to end their relationship. The benefits are the following:


  1. It is cheaper than the traditional process of divorce
  2. The process is simplified right away.
  3. Shared custody is included.



Further to this, the division of joint property is becoming more secure every time. If upon the time of getting married you chose the division of a joint property, you will find yourself in the economical situation, where every spouse is granted the possession of his or her assets. This way, each of the partners has to count on him or herself before and after the marriage. Thinking about the fact that each of the spouses is responsible for their assets, could and in the most cases does motivate both partners to contribute to the overall well-being of the family. This more and more demanded option is offering the following advantages:


  1. More Independence within the spouses
  2. If the divorce occurs, each of the partners keeps their assets.
  3. It is a better option for those, who have a freelance profession.
  4. Each spouse is left with his or her own assets and debts.
  5. Tax benefits have to be declared individually.



If you are going to get married or are currently considering the option of getting divorced, contact our specialist divorce lawyers in Daemi Zabalza & Associates, who will assist you all the way through the process.