The IBI is a tax on property whether they are from rustic or urban nature. It is a compulsory tax, levied by municipalities in Spain. It is determined by the assessed value of the property and as a rule it may not exceed the market value.

In the case of Marbella town hall, the last couple of years a discount has been settled for citizens. The city mayor Angeles Muñoz has announced last September a 10% reduction for the 2015 IBI – the property tax.

Also there will be an increase in subsidies of this tax to citizens registered in the Marbella town hall, the discount has been settled gradually in accordance with the value of the property:

  • For properties with a value up to 100,000€ the subsidy is 20%,
  • For properties with values between 100 and 200 thousand euros the subsidy will be 15%
  • For properties with a value of between 200 and 300 thousand euros the subsidy will be 10%
  • And for properties with a value greater than 300,000 euros, the grant will be 5%

According to estimates made by the town hall of Marbella, potentially about 52.223 owners  will have their IBI property tax reduced next year ,, that is, 54.3 percent of the population.

To apply for this reduction there is a window of opportunity between the first of February and March 31st 2015 at the City Hall offices in all Marbella districts.

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