Given the large number of evictions that were taking place in recent years, appeared an anti-eviction law (ley anti desahucio), which is intended to give a period of two years to the most vulnerable families affected by evictions from mortgage defaults.

So, if you would like to apply for this within two years, the requirements are:

  1. The house affected should be first home.
  2. The household has incomes less than or equal to three times the indicator of Public Multiple Effect Income (IPREM).
  3. The family has undergone significant changes in the mortgage burden in the last four years due to the economic crisis.
  4. That the mortgage payment exceeds 50% of the income of the household.

But not enough, only a number of families or households, could really benefit from this law:

  • Large families, according to the law.
  • Single-parent households with two dependent children.
  • Households with children less than three years.
  • Households in which any member has declared a disability of over 33%, an accredited situation of dependence or disease incapacitating temporarily or permanently, to perform a work activity.
  • Households in which the mortgager is in unemployment and depleted provision.
  • Households in which coexist in the same housing one or more persons related by up to third degree from the holder of the mortgage or your spouse and you are in an accredited situation of disability, dependency or serious illness that temporarily or permanently incapacitate him, to perform a work activity.
  • Victims of domestic violence, if the housing eviction order is the usual.

But, what is about families or individuals who do not meet these requirements? What happens to the minors, but over three years old? and retirees? They are one of the most vulnerable and still remain without any protection in such a situation.

That one or the position of being faced with a judgment of eviction for non-payment are, among others, a number of sensitive issues to which our professional team of lawyers and tax advisors at Daemi Zabalza & Associates could advise or process.