An NIE number is an identification number for foreigners in Spain. Both Euopean (EU) and non european citizens can have an NIE number.

An NIE number will be needed for both simple and more complex operations, such as:

Register for prívate health insurance in Spain
Open a bank account in Spain
Buy a property in Spain
Set up a company/business in Spain
Start working in Spain
If you wish to live in Spain
If you wish to contract an employee
To file taxes – non resident or resident taxes –

An NIE number is not a fiscal residency identification nor is it a residency permit; residents and non residents can have an NIE number, this number just indicates you have needed or need to operate in Spain. Therefore you can have an NIE number and be a fiscal resident in another country. Tax liability refers to living in Spain for 183 days or more in one year, independent of you having an NIE number or not.
Our law firm in Marbella can help you with this process, independent of where you are from or where you need to use this NIE number. In order to apply we will need to know your personal circumstances (country of origin, how many people applyng, if you are in Spain or not, what you need the NIE number for etc) to explain the necessary documents for application.
No you don’t. If you’re not in Spain we can also take care of the application for you, and send it to your address once obtained.
Our law firm is well recognised in Marbella, and have specialised and experienced lawyers who take care of your process, which means we don’t make mistakes and guarantee your NIE number within 7 days of submitting date. The only thing you need to do is carefully follow the document requirements we advise for your particular case, and you can leave the rest to us.
It’s as easy as sending us an email, calling our law firm, or filling out our contact form with your details. In less than 1 hour we will contact you and advise on your circumstances, process fees, and documentation requirements.