Buying a home or property in general is one of the most significant events for family and personal finances. It seems a simple and fast process to formalize but is one of the most underlying problems in the current legal sphere. Before signing the deed of sale and even before any commitment with the seller by signing a private contract, it is appropriate that certain aspects of the legal status of the housing are checked, so that it meets their expectations. That is why the sale of property shall be monitored and controlled by a lawyer which can ensure effective and secure transaction for the customer as he knows all requirements previously needed to take in count at all times.

A good way to get a property that interests you at a price well below market value will be of judicial auction. Judicial auctions are those that take place in a courtroom before a court clerk and are subjected to demanding and detailed rules that demand thorough knowledge of the requirements to facilitate their ability to purchase. If you are interested in a particular property and want our office to take care of the entire process, or would like us to seek some property meeting their expectations that will enter at auction, please contact us so we can carry it out.

If you want to establish a mortgage (being resident or non resident) and unknown what the rules of application, their obligations and rights, the legal conditions of contracting, and finally what is the best mortgage deal that is within your reach, contact us . Our firm will examine your personal characteristics and offer 3 best bank financing, and all this within a very short time.