Daemi Zabalza & Associates has a team of lawyers specialized in the sale of properties. Our attorneys can represent you in negotiations and throughout the selling process.

Buying a home is one of the most significant events for family and personal economy. It seems a simple and fast process to formalize but can be one of the most important problems in the current legal sphere. Before signing the deed of sale and even before any commitment with the seller by signing a private contract, it is convenient to check certain aspects of the legal status of housing and to ensure that the property is updated in matter of taxes, fees and expenses, so that the individual’s expectations are met and there are no subsequent surprises and multiple additional disbursements that were not foreseen.

For these, among other, reasons, the sale of property must be supervised and handled by a lawyer at all times, prior to taking into account the current requirements, in order to ensure an effective and secure transaction for the customer.

Both Marbella and the surrounding areas of the Costa del Sol, are in full rise in the real estate market so it is time to buy properties at a good price with the consequent rise in their value in the coming years.

With the recent cancellation of the PGOU (General Urban Development Plan) 2010 of Marbella by the Supreme Court, it should be noted that the urban parameters to follow for the proper management of the properties vary as they must now engage the PGOU of 1986, which leads in many cases to significant changes, and such variation must be studied before buying a property.

Among many other services, our firm offers the following management services for both seller and buyer:

– We negotiate the price for you and represent you throughout the process.

– Preparation of preliminary contract, earnest money contract and purchase agreement, according to the needs and situation of both parties

– Preflight: investigate legal and planning status of the property, which are current expenses for the owners, property taxes, garbage taxes or urban charges, municipal licenses, construction and habitability, mortgage charges and the state of the same, if any.

– We offer expert reports about the urban reality, planning, real placing and hidden defects that the property may have.

– Pre-calculation and payment of taxes, goodwill and other excise taxes

– Saving of an 8% of the property transfer, tax payable by the buyer

– Registration and other legal obligations

– Annual submission of non-residents’ taxes if the purchaser is non-resident

– Request for return of 3% from the withholding tax when the seller is a non-resident

– Change of ownership of electricity, water, gas and community fees.

– Tax advice and implications of the transaction

It may be added that our customers continue their professional relationship with us after the process for a proper management of various procedures related to their properties either for leasing the representation in the community of owners, management, etc.

Daemi Zabalza & Associates offers its customers multiple purchase packages according to their personal needs and advise properly to avoid any additional charges that many people have been and are victims of.