Whether the vehicle is newly acquired as if it belongs to its owner for some time in their home country, the change to Spanish registration will be processed, regards to the payment of taxes, as a vehicle for new acquisition.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that all documentation provided in the language of the state of origin must be translated to Spanish, considering that a certified translation is not required.

Now that we have mentioned these points, we shall proceed to list the documents you need to present at the Provincial Traffic Department of the province where the owner of the vehicle is living, and how these can be obtained:


  1. Original and 2 copies of the Technical Inspection Card translated: Go to ITV for a technician to study the documents of your vehicle, assigning you an appointment to pass the ITV and to provide the technical Inspection Card translated, for what you must provide:
  • Original documents of the vehicle (all you need).
  • Certificate of conformity of the manufacturer and, if you do not have it, the small tab which you can get with the help of the College of Peritaciones Málaga (952363677, it is not necessary to go in person, just call and they will assign you an expert who will call back within 48 h and when he/she contact us we can ask for a estimate, fees, required documentation, etc.
  1. Proof of payment of CIRCULATION TAX: Going to an office of the Municipal Board of Revenue to issue us the timely receipt of payment or the proof of being, for what we go with the following documentation:
  • Logbook with chassis number.
  • Technical Inspection Card translated obtained previously in the ITV.
  1. Proof of payment of TAX REGISTRATION
  2. Original Vehicle documentation to prove that you are the owner.
  3. Documentation identifying the owner.
  4. Application duly filled registration.
  5. Pay the registration fee (€ 95.80) in the same Provincial Traffic Department.

Also if you need to perform this type of formalities and it is very complex or you are in doubt please do not hesitate to contact DAEMI ZABALZA & ASOCIADOS where our professionals will solve yours doubts as well as the whole process of registration.