Law Against Eviction

Given the large number of evictions that were taking place in recent years, appeared an anti-eviction law (ley anti desahucio), which is intended to give a period of two years to the most vulnerable families affected by evictions from mortgage defaults.

Tax Warehouse License

The tax warehouse is a facility that, fulfilling the conditions and requirements established it can store, receive and in some cases transform products subjected to excise duty of production.

Liquidation of marital assets

The settlement consists in the distribution of marital assets, thus passing the property ownership to former spouses individually, creating what is commonly referred as an "award of goods".

EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card is a special form of authorization of residence and work that facilitates the holder access to the EU labour market. More specifically, the EU Blue Card project was designed to make Europe a more attractive destination for highly qualified people from outside the European Union.