Beneficiaries of Social Security

Health care through the National Health System (NHS) is guaranteed from public funds for their insured workers which define themselves as self-employed or affiliated to the Social Security system, being a Social Security pensioner, perceiving benefits of Social Security as unemployment or similar. And finally people with annual incomes below 100 thousand euros and unhedged by other means.

Floor Clause in Mortgages

A few years ago, most of the mortgage loans signed for purchasing real estate included a “ground clause” - a minimum interest rate - that banks and other financial institutions applied to the loans and so the client would pay a minimum monthly amount even if the Euribor rate would fall below this limit.

Right of Withdrawal for Consumers

Maybe more than once it has been questioned whether the consumer has the right to withdraw from a contract. Yes, you are entitled at law or regulation assumptions and when it is recognized in the offer, promotion or publicity or in the contract provided.

Difference between a Formal and Private Complaint

Both concepts are regulated in the present law of Criminal justice from article 259 onwards and the main difference between both is interpreted in the legal formalities that must follow and the legal consequences they establish.

Dual Nationality

To possess dual citizenship is the condition of being a citizen of two countries. We also know that international laws do not prohibit any person dual or multiple citizenship, but some countries see multiple citizenship as undesirable, so they take legal measures to prevent it, especially through an automatic loss of nationality when they acquire another voluntarily.

Divorce by Mutual Agreement

When a married couple decides to end the marriage bond that unites them, they must follow a judicial procedure called "Marriage dissolution" which can be initiated by mutual agreement between the spouses or of one with the other's consent, provided between the two is reached an understanding on basic requirements.

Direct Estimation or Modules Regimes

It is a simplified tax regime that is applicable to small entrepreneurs and / or professionals, in an attempt to simplify the management of their activity.


A franchise is not only the salvation to your business model, but a franchise carries many other requirements and procedures, which not everyone is aware of them.

Rise of VAT

The latest rise of VAT took place on the 1st of September 2012. Another strategy to try to increase the public coffers, whilst citizens were drowned with facing such rise in their daily lives.

Bonuses on donation tax

The donation tax is regulated generally in the Law 29/1987, of December 18, and in turn the regulations developed by the Royal Decree 1629/1991, of November 8th. This tax is levied on the income that occurs upon acceptance of a donation or inheritance that has been passed gratuitously.