Business opening License

If you are considering the possibility of opening a local business, you should take into account the importance of an Opening License for that establishment.

La venta de Participaciones de una Sociedad

Si tiene intención de comprar o vender participaciones de una sociedad, debe de conocer los requisitos, procedimiento y limitaciones existentes, además de la tributación aplicable según el caso. Dichos elementos vienen reflejados en la misma ley de sociedades de capital, que rige la base y estructura del negocio jurídico en cuestión.

Partner Registration

The legal system in Spain, understands a stable union of two people without distinction of sex, as “partnership”. This union can be also called nowadays as cohabiting as “more uxorio”.

International VAT number

VAT is a tax on consumption (whether by purchase of goods or services), and it is the AEAT – Tax Agency, who benefits from the income of this tax. For business or entrepreneurs who by the nature of their business should invest in EU countries apart from investing in Spain, commonly known as, “intercommunity transactions”, they may request that invoices that are issued in other countries are exempt from VAT, i.e. not charging that tax on the invoice. However, in order to be able to exercise this transaction, both client and provider, must have registered as intercommunity traders.

Types of Residency

There are several types of Spanish residence, keeping in mind the purpose in each case senario and the characteristics that need to be guaranteed in order to proceed

Updates for Acquiring residency through Family Roots in Spain

Si le gustaría solicitar la residencia por arraigo familiar pero aún tiene dudas acerca de las posibles novedades respecto a esta nueva sentencia, nuestro equipo de abogados profesionales de Daemi Zabalza & Asociados le ayudará y asesorará debidamente.

New Law on Urban Leases

Residential Tenancies Act enforced until recently, has been substantially amended by the new law of flexibilization measures and market development for rental housing, to be more precise, under the law 4/213. Changes mainly affect the first articles of the law, creating a new wording of these items after the new reform.

Applying for Nationality and Passport

Currently due to the great geographic mobility many cases of uncertainty have arisen as to the rights of people when applying for a nationality and the corresponding passport.

IBI in Marbella Subsidy

The IBI is a tax on property whether they are from rustic or urban nature. It is a compulsory tax, levied by municipalities in Spain. It is determined by the assessed value of the property and as a rule it may not exceed the market value.

Schengen Visa

First, it is important to note that if a person is a European national (not resident but a national), he can travel within the Schengen area and the countries belonging to the EU presenting their Identity Document (DNI) or Passport.