Since July 23rd, 2015, when the Law of Voluntary Jurisdiction came into force, it is possible to announce “yes, I do” at one of the almost 3,000 Notaries that are currently in Spain.

In this way the process will be much more agile, fast, and in many occasions, more economic; in addition to favoring judicial proceedings, since it decongests the Courts. Not only does the large number of notaries the national territory is an influential matter, but it is also favored by the legal process and the technological development that has been achieved, thus connecting notaries with others and even with public administrations.

Thanks to this, it is now possible to marry within a week or even a few days, thus avoiding the delay of having to wait periods of up to a year in the Courts, Town Halls and Civil Registries.

It will consist in a very short ceremony, to which the contracting parties must go with two witnesses, so that the notary reads the three articles of the Civil Code, namely, 66, 67 and 68; which reflect the rights and duties of marriage.
There would be no obligation on the part of the notary to move outside the notary’s office, but there would be the possibility of agreeing on a date and place for the celebration of the wedding.

However, and although it was initially said that notaries could take charge of processing the matrimonial records from June 30rd, 2017, due to the filing before the Senate, this will not be possible until June 30rd, 2018; pending confirmation of this date.

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