If you are considering buying a car/motorcycle from a private individual, it is important that when organising the usual sales process, ask for a report of the vehicle you are buying to be made.

Through this report you will know the vehicle holder data and address, in order to know if the person claiming to be the owner of the vehicle and will proceed to sell it really is. In addition, you can know the number of previous vehicle owners to obtain a more detailed picture of its life.

It will show, of course, the description and technical data of the vehicle in order to make sure that the car we are going to acquire is the one we have seen. It will detail the date of registration, such as brand, model and colour, chassis number, engine, horsepower force etc. It is important to bare in mind the colour detail, as this will inform us about whether this car had to be repainted, which can also give us ideas about possible accidents or serious damage that may have occurred to the vehicle.

In the report we will also find the administrative status of the vehicle and the expiry date of the Vehicle Inspection (ITV).

Finally, one of the strongest reasons to request the report, is that we are informed about possible charges that the vehicle could bring. These can be in the form of attachments, seals or ownership reserves, which should be resolved before the transfer of the vehicle is formalised.

For added security, we recommend using the administrative services’ department of DAEMI ZABALZA & ASSOCIATES, who can arrange a process as fully as possible, providing greater security for both buyer and seller, thanks to our extensive experience and years of practice throughout all kinds of proceedings.